Mount Everest :The Reconnaissance 1935

Mount Everest : The Reconnaissance 1935
by Tony Astill
Foreword by Lord Hunt and Introduction by Sir Edmund Hillary
A new book privately published by the author.  2005
[265 x 190 mm] with 360 pages on matt art paper, 125 photographic illustrations of the expedition, 10 maps [3 folding] and a double dust jacket illustrated by the coloured survey map of the North Face of Everest by Michael Spender.

Eric Shipton was the leader of this 5th Everest expedition, but, although an extraordinarily gifted writer, did not write the book of this forgotten adventure with his good friend Bill Tilman.
All the other attempts on Everest have had books written about them, usually by the expedition leader. For 70 years, the final chapter of Everest remained unwritten but now the full story is told through the diaries and photographs of the expedition members.

This was a delightfully small ‘alpine style’ excursion which gave Tenzing Norkay his first mountaineering opportunity and Dan Bryant became the first New Zealander to go to Everest.
Charles Warren found the body of Maurice Wilson the aviator who had disappeared on the mountain. A huge avalanche just below the North Col could have proved disastrous, but the team, which also included Edwin Kempson and Edmund Wigram went on to make two dozen first ascents of Himalayan peaks over 20,000 ft. in ’an orgy of mountaineering’.

Jane Morris in The Times ‘A very handsome book which fills the half-century gap in the Everest record, brings the whole enterprise vividly to life. It all makes compelling mountain reading, courtesy of Tony Astill’.

Winner of the James Monroe Thorington award for best book mountaineering history at the Banff Mountain Festival 2006

Copies of this book are for sale from the author



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